Sermon Series: The Book of Galatians

The Apostle Paul wrote Galatians under the full inspiration of the Holy Spirit with a pen set on fire with a love for Christ, Christ’s Church, and Christ’s Gospel, and a holy indignation for those who came behind Paul infiltrating the churches of Galatia with “a different Gospel,” the false gospel of the Judaizers who laid claim upon Jesus finished work while simultaneously negating it by adding their work of circumcision and dietary restrictions upon the tetelestai of Christ. Paul wrote Galatians just a few months before he attended the Jerusalem counsel recorded in Acts 15, where the Judaizer’s doctrines and practices were condemned. Every other epistle of Paul opens with commendation, but not Galatians. Paul’s letter addressing the charismatic chaos and immoral madness taking place in Corinth contained a warm-hearted introductory salutation, but not Galatians. Why is the Spirit of God in Paul so severe with Galatia? Because Galatia was committing spiritual suicide, it was not a secondary issue or a tertiary issue, but the Gospel itself that was under attack. Thus the Apostle Paul comes through the door of the Galatian church swinging the Sword of the Spirit with a ferocity and dogmatism seen nowhere else in his writings. We need to hear the Apostle Paul, not just his words, but his passion. We need a revival of Gospel zeal. For the Judaizers are not dead and gone, they are alive and well. They are over a billion strong and they fly the flag of Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, and the other dead systems of sacramental works righteousness that are zealously seeking to infiltrate Christ’s Church today with just as much zeal as the original Judaizers who infiltrated the churches of Galatia. Join us for our study of Galatians as we reignite Gospel and Reformation fire.